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Ripping & Deep Plowing

MBC Construction has current model tractors to fulfill all ripping and plowing needs associated with the vineyard and agricultural industry.

Ripping is offered at various depths depending on the soil profile and needs. MBC Construction offers up to a D9 tractor to assure we can meet various customers ripping and plowing needs. Depending on the depths required and soil conditions, ripping will either be utilized with a single or multi-shank application.

Deep Moldboard Plowing
MBC Construction has developed a plow for deep plowing to depths of 3 to 4 feet. The plow allows soil amendments to be applied prior to plowing, assuring soils are turned and mixed to the complete depth. Plowing allows root removal, as most roots are located to outside of furrow by action of the plow. Root removal is very important in preventing the need for fumigation. It aids in removal of pets and fungal disease in the roots that ripping alone cannot acquire.

Slip Plow
The slip plow is designed to blend different soil layers. Plowing to a depth of 3 to 4 feet, this plow is designed as a rectangular trough pulled behind a large single shank ripper. This plow is designed to slide lower soils up the rectangular trough while allowing upper soils to fall into the trough, blending both upper and lower soils. Most applications of slip plowing require pre ripping. Soil amendments can be added prior to ripping or slip plowing.

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